Hello Everyone,
I am about to tell you How to set up a custom domain on your blogger blog in easiest way!  That means you will be moving from ""  to  "yourblog.tld" in easy way.
Follow this post step by step!

Having your own custom domain sounds really good and cool. Having a custom domain means you are going to look professional and genuine. It shows that you take blogging seriously. It'll be easy for people to remember your blog address. It'll make your brand powerful and convincing.

Before you do this, you need to register a custom domain. You can use any registrar but I do prefer BigRock. It's simple and easy to register and use.

Now, After registering the domain successfully, follow the below simple steps to get your custom domain working.

Go to Blogger > Blog > Settings > Basic and click on "Add A Custom Domain" link under the blogspot domain address.

Enter Your Registered domain including "www" and click Save. You'll see an error right there saying some Error occurred and it'll contain some useful information.


Look on the screenshot below. It's highlighting some important information .
These details are required to be submitted in Bigrock DNS panel.
The given information is unique for each blogger blog so, use your's not from the screenshot.

Now, Go to  Big Rock Domain Management Panel and click on the purchased domain.

Now Scroll Down and select DNS Settigns:

Find CNAME and Click in that tab > Add CNAME > Enter the CNAME details which we got on error screen as shown in screenshots.
Save those two CNAMEs.

Click on A Records tab if you want to redirect "non-www" to "www" domain.

Now Add A Records with host as "@" and values as the given IPs:

Save it and then do the same thing three more times, adding these IP addresses:

Now, Go to Blogger Settings and Click Save again. If you still get Error then wait for sometime maybe 24 hours for DNS propagation  and it's done now. Your Custom domain is now attached to the blogspot domain.

To redirect "non-www" to "www" click on redirect option as shown below.
Click on Save.

Now your Custom Domain is fully configured .
Enjoy your new URL!
If this helped you, I’d love it if you shared it with others who might need the same help!

Q: Will this mess up my SEO? How will people find my blog if I change the URL?
A: Blogger automatically redirects your old address to the new URL. They use what is called a 301 redirect, which means that the search engines are made aware that your site has a new URL. Traffic will continue to flow and you won’t lose any rankings.
Q: My new URL only works with/without the “www”
A: Go back into your Settings page, click Edit beside your new domain name, and check the box that asks if you want to redirect the naked domain to www.

How To Get Free Premium Account On Ahrefs | Working Trick 2017


Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and marketing. We have tools for backlink. here am sharing this ahref premium trick for all bloggers. you can now enjoy your ahref premium account free of cost.

Ahrefs is the newest entry into the link research tool space. They use their own bot and their own index (which they state is based on information from a trillion website connections).
They claim their index is updated every 30 minutes and the fresh data is available to their users within 30 minutes of the actual index refresh.
Ahrefs also has a ranking database of roughly 45 million keywords from 9 different countries (US GB FR RU DE ES IT AU BR). The tools within their membership are:
  • Site Explorer
  • SERPs Analysis
  • Reports
  • Labs/Tools

Ahrefs is not free ....Its Costly but you can get Ahrefs for free by the given trick.
Steps To Get Free Ahref Premium Account :

  • At First You need a Fake Paypal Account (Personal/Business) any one!
  • For People who lives in india its not easy to create Paypal Account without Document’s.
  • Just Use Any Fake Pan Card Details For Verification. [Search In Google]
  • Now open Paypal and create a new account with fake Name, Surname, Address, Bank account details
  • Note: All information will be Fake.
  • Get/Create a new mail id (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, zoho etc etc) id (Everytime whenever you want ahrefs premium account)
  • Now just logon Ahrefs website
  • Fill all fake information while creating Aherfs account.
  • At the Payment option you want to select “PAYPAL”
It will create a "Pre Approved Payment" in paypal account. You just need to remove that after you get your premium account.

Congratulation! Now you have Ahrefs Premium Account. is a big Scam! | Advertiseworld Review | Avoid using this Ad Network

When I was new to Uber Cpm then I got an email from them saying that "Your Website is qualified for Premium Ads" and "Sign up for to get $1 eCPM."

I did the same, I signed up there ant started getting good eCPM. I was happy that my traffic is converting into Dollars $$ ,

I earned $$ and till Dec 2016 last it became ~ $40 and Payment threshold was $25. I was eagerly waiting for  my payment. Now I mailed them regarding payment.

I got email that  they will start payment in 2nd week of January 2017. I was now 18th January and I mailed them again.

What I got reply from them Shocked me !!!! They said "Your Account is banned because of  21.5% bot Traffic ". I was shocked and started searching about them and I got few threads on Digital Forum regarding and few people were saying that " is a SCAM " and then I understood that I was being thugged by these Scammers.

They do never pay to anyone they just promise that they will pay but actually they provide you an Excuse regarding your Account ban and No Payment.

Even they gave me excuse that my website's content was against policy. But Why don't they review every website for the policy ?

Finally, I would recommend you not to use their services. is total fake. is a big big SCAM and I guess this is by UBER CPM because they recommended me that premium network.

More Proof : is a SCAM proof  and is a SCAM proof 2 

How Get .XYZ and .TOP domain Free for 1 year (expired)

Hello Everyone ,

This post will provide you a link to get free .XYZ domain for 1 year.

You just need to go : {Special Link}

Type the domain which you want.
If available then click on add and Proceed to checkout .

There will be an option for Coupon code ,
Place the coupon code there.

Use the coupon code: "BLACKFRIDAYXYZ" (For .XYZ domain) (expired)
Use the coupon code: "BLACKFRIDAY"          (For .TOP domain) (expired)

And TaDaa! price will reduce to ZERO.

Create an account there and proceed further.

Wait for few minutes.

Congrats !! you have got your free domain.

NOTE: You can register one .XYZ and one .TOP domain per Account.

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TheOneNetworks- Review

Are you struggling to work on different networks to earn money?
So i am presenting you a “The One Networks” where get all basic solution to earn money.
The One Networks
What is The One Networks?
It’s a “All In One” network. You get the following Ad Methods to monetize: Pay-Per-Download (PPD), File Locker, Link Locker, File Sharing, Shorten URL, Displaying Ads on your website/blog.
Know More Below
What they Provide?
1) Native Advertisement
2) File Hosting
3) Content Locking : File Locker & Link Locker
4) Doing Affiliate Marketing
5) Link Shortening
How to earn from it and service intro.


·      Native Advertisements Program.
As you all knows this is an easiest way to earn money from blog while display relevant ads on your blog by which you earn on every single ad impression and click you got on your blog post, its an alternative ad network then Adsense.
How are they innovative?
Their advance level developed algorithm detects visitor browsing history and display interested based advertisements  and it helps the publisher to get more click and earnings, with +6 ad size and smart displayer where its detect blog/website theme and display theme and SEO friendly designed ads.
$6+ eCPM | High CPC | Customizable Ads Design
How to earn from it?
You do need to just emend the ad code on your blog wherever you want to display their ad their advance level algorithm will track the use and display ads according to visitor interest, it will definitely increase click rate and earnings.
·      File Hosting.
Similar to Google drive, dropbox but in The One Networks you can earn money through your uploaded files whenever someone downloads your file, its payout rates are varies on different country.
How to earn from it?
Upload any file and share it onto social network, blog website and earn each time when someone download your file through you unique download URL.
Upload the files in our “File Hosting -> File Manager” Page. You can use our Drag and Drop function to upload the files easily.

How are they innovative?
Once you uploaded a file, while uploading the file it detects the file extension and set suitable landing according to the file you uploaded (this is changeable setting).
Example: If you uploaded a video then the landing will set which is made for video files by default.
·      Content Locking : File Locker & Link Locker.
Same principle as File Hosting but here uploaded file will be locked and will only can unlock when someone complete an offer/survey on download page.
How to promote it?
Its depend on you how you promote this type of content so the visitor take interest to complete the offer and unlock the file, however most blogger use blackhat method to earn from it (But its illegal).
High EPC | High CR
·      Affiliate Program.
Merchant Detail Page

This is an old marketing strategy where you refer visitors to buy products, install app, bring sales and whenever you got conversion you earn money, commission is depend on what offer you chosen to promote.
They have largest database of CPS, CPA, CPI campaign of offers to choose from.
How to make it profitable?
In The One Networks you will get deeplink functionality by which you can convert specific product link into your affiliate link, and promote it as you like and you will get 80% revenue share on every sale conversion.
They will also give Creative to make you work easy like banner, email template etc and makes promoting fun.
·      Link Shortening.
You heard bitly? The One Networks not even has this tool but also have ad landing page so you can earn money from it too.
Here the visitor has to wait 10 seconds in our Ad landing page to open the link in his browser.
How to make money from it?
Copy and Paste the links in our “Link Shorting -> Link Shorten” page. Then, share shorted link on blogs, and website to earn money.

In short -- “They are providing all possible concepts to their Publishers to start earning money from Day-One. Make money with every Impression, every View, every Click, every Download, every Install, every Sale.”
My Reviews
I have used this network since 1 year and my earnings are growth by 40% there, also I found many upgrade like separate dashboard on each service which is really good see in-depth stats about your earnings.
It’s a best network for those who have such type of content on their blog and want to earn money through their content.
Q) Should bloggers join this network?
Ans) Yes, defiantly should join and try a once.

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How to Create a Professional Logo with OnlineLogoMaker

Hello Cyber Astronauts,

If you want to have a good looking Blog or Website , then you must have a high-quality logo designed for your site/blog. The best thing is that creating a unique and well looking logo is easier than ever before and it’s cheaper too.

So, If you want to design a well looking logo then there are few options but among of them , the easier way is to use logo design creation tools like the .It will be best for you.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Free Logo Design

At the end of this post, you will be making your own Logo. So, Lets Start....

The first step in the process is to visit their site. Click here Start Online Logo Maker. This will then open a logo design editor like the one below.

Sign up there to save your work for future use.
then Clear the screen by select and deleting them.
After that you can see three options- 
1.) Add Symbol - There are  over a thousands of cool symbols that can be used within your logo design at zero additional cost. To add these things into your design, simply click the "Add Symbol" and choose what symbol you would like to use.

2.) Add Text- The text of your logo design. Customize this area to the existing look and feel of your site  with different colors, fonts and sizing by using the Properties Bar.

3. )Add Image- If you want to add a photo from your computer for your logo design then, simply click on "Add Image" icon and then a new window will pop-up for you ,choose the file and upload it from your computer.

Using these all three options you can create your personalized Logo and then click on download to download the desined Logo.

Remember :: To create, modify and save your logo design, you will need to create a free account at

If you don’t currently have a logo design for your site, blog, brand or business and not looking to spend any money in the process, this is a perfect site and tool for you to get started with. Its Great , Even I created my Logo from here.
If you have any questions comment below
Online Logo Maker
Online Logo Maker

The Reasons Why People Blog ?

Why do People Blog

Hey Cyber Astronauts,

Most of the bloggers engage in blogging due to the availability of  boundless opportunities of earning money through the online market. You can choose any topic and write articles on them. The freedom to write about almost anything is what encourages the bloggers to write more and more unique & interesting posts. It's great for earning passive income and you can make a killing out of it by spending only a few hours a week. So most of the bloggers are in the blogging field for the gold.

But then, there are some writers who do blogging only because writing is their passion. Monetary benefits of blogging are great but those benefits only act as a small bonus to them.
 The sense of accomplishment that they achieve after writing a good  article gives them a strong dose of happiness. 
They are in for the thrill of literature. They are in for the immense pleasure that they get after helping out millions of souls by writing inspirational posts. These type of passionate writers are my favourite type of bloggers.

Many bloggers have a habit of blogging. They are so much addicted to blogging that they do blogging to quench their thirst. It's almost like a subconscious action to them.


Some people do blogging to write their hearts out. Blog is a paradise for them because writing out their stories and sharing their happiness/sadness or pain/pleasure to millions of curious readers significantly improves their mood.

And then there are some knowledge sharing monks on the internet whose only sole purpose of blogging is to share the knowledge to the world to make it a better place. They focus on the change they want to see in the universe and work day and night to solve problems and to  answer queries of confused or curious people. All they want to achieve through blogging is a better world full of intelligent souls. These nerdy monks get into a higher level of consciousness after they feel that they have spent the day rescuing lost & confused souls.

Whatever the purposes of blogging maybe, every blogger is into blogging because of the power that they achieve through it. The power to  influence people through their words, the power to implant ideas into people's minds & the power to change the world.

Comment below your thoughts!

How to redirect your Old Blog to New Blog in Blogger

Automatically Redirect Blogger blog to another url

Hello Everyone,
If you chose a Blogger Address while Creating blog but later you realized that
this looks quite bad then simple go to settings and choose a new blogger address.

BUT what about all those links that you shared on Social Networks and with  friends??

Don't Worry , There is a simple way to do that . Just follow the below steps.
Actually there are two methods 1st is to add a script and second one is to  add a meta tag.
But script one is faster than meta tag.

NOTE: By Using these methods you can redirect one blog to another blog or website.

1.) First step

  First go to

2.) Assign a brand new blogger address.

  Sign in  with your google account and change the current blog address to a      new one.

  Go to Setting > Basic > Blog Address > Edit > Choose a new address which is   available then
  click save .

Change old address with new one by choosing a new address

3.) Create new blog with old address.

  Go to Blogger in a new tab and create a new blog with that old address  and        follow further steps
  with newly created blog with old blogger address.

4.) Redirect  from old to new

  Go to new blog  with old address Then Go To
  Setting > Template > Edit HTML
  And then paste the script just below <head>

var oldURL = &quot;OLD address&quot;;
var newURL = &quot;NEW address&quot;;
var url = location.href;
var newURL = url.replace(document.domain,newURL);
window.location = newURL

5) Putting your Blog address in codes

Replace OLD address with old one and NEW address with new one.
now click save .

Inserting Script in HTML of "New Blog with Old address"


 From Now , If any user is visiting your blog with old address then  will be  redirected
 to new one .
 Each and every link will be redirected .

For an example -

My old blog address was

and new one is

So, If someone tries to open a link like -

Then that user will be redirected to

I use redirecting method on this blog bcoz I moved to a new blogger address.
So , Click on above links and have a try.

If  I am wrong anywhere then Comment below.
What do you think about this method ??

If there Is any other way too ?? Then

Please Comment Below !!