5 Mistakes You Must Avoid As a New Blogger

Common Mistakes by New Bloggers that Kill their success

Hey Cyber Astronauts,

Nowadays many people start blogging but only few of them get succeed .Have you ever tried to find answer of this question?
I think answers of many newbies is "NO". I am new to these things but I tried to figure out all the things we need to avoid.
Read the full post to get the answer and Do avoid these things.

In this post I will tell you what are things that you must avoid as a new blogger.

The few things you must avoid as a new blogger are-

1.) First thing is, Never Copy contents from other resources, use only one resource that is your mind . If you ask any question to your mind then it will quickly answer that question for you (except mathematics calculation ).Many newbies copy the contents from different-different websites and make a mashup various posts but ask a question to yourself "If your are not able to write a simple article then how is this possible that You will be successful ?" You need to do lots of efforts for a successful blog . So, Write everything from your  mind.

2.)Second Thing is ,Never write about those things in which you don't have any command. Write about "what you want to write" not about "what search engines want" . Many New Bloggers search for those keywords which are having highest CPC and include those keywords many times and because of this many search engines consider these as Spam and never include these blogs in their searches.

So, Write about what your brain or heart says and write about those things in which you are a Pro.

3.) Third thing , If you are thinking that you will start earning money in few months after starting blog then its going to be a huge mistake of yours.What I am saying is If you start a blog then there is no guarantee that you will start earning in few months or years. But I guarantee you that if you will keep the consistency that you will surely get success. It may take up to  1-2 years to get success.

So, Stop thinking about earning money and start writing quality posts and one day you will find yourself in success.

Common Mistakes by New Bloggers that Kill their success

4.)Fourth thing , Don't just write an article write a quality (here quality means the creativity of your mind) article .

Always write about the both sides  of coin I mean if you are writing about blogging then write about its merits and demerits too. You are a blogger and you will always face some technical problems and if you fixed that problem then write about that too because "You are not only facing that problem " there many bloggers who are facing the same problem and in upcoming days many new bloggers will come and they will face the same problems . So , writing about that will be a good idea.

5.) Fifth and the last one  is, Never be impatient , If you are starting new blog then there might be only few (10 or 20 or 50 or ....) page views. So ,Instead of being impatient and drop blogging idea think that "there are some people who are reading your blog and take inspiration from this and start writing more posts I mean quality posts. This will make you successful .

6.)Sixth (Bonus) one is,  New bloggers get Adsense approval just after few months and start showing ads as much as possible and they try to get approval from many other ad networks and they nearly crowd website with ads and this causes worst user experience. So, always try to avoid too much ads.

**Always start from blogspot or blogger like platform and after having some experience from here move to wordpress and then to
Host your own website. Thats it.**

So friends these are the things every new Blogger must avoid.Last one is an advice don't avoid that okay!!
The above points are the "success mantra" of all the famous bloggers .Even you can ask them ,they will answer the same.

And friends please share your opinion about these points . And if something is missing here then kindly do comment below.

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