How to redirect your Old Blog to New Blog in Blogger

Automatically Redirect Blogger blog to another url

Hello Everyone,
If you chose a Blogger Address while Creating blog but later you realized that
this looks quite bad then simple go to settings and choose a new blogger address.

BUT what about all those links that you shared on Social Networks and with  friends??

Don't Worry , There is a simple way to do that . Just follow the below steps.
Actually there are two methods 1st is to add a script and second one is to  add a meta tag.
But script one is faster than meta tag.

NOTE: By Using these methods you can redirect one blog to another blog or website.

1.) First step

  First go to

2.) Assign a brand new blogger address.

  Sign in  with your google account and change the current blog address to a      new one.

  Go to Setting > Basic > Blog Address > Edit > Choose a new address which is   available then
  click save .

Change old address with new one by choosing a new address

3.) Create new blog with old address.

  Go to Blogger in a new tab and create a new blog with that old address  and        follow further steps
  with newly created blog with old blogger address.

4.) Redirect  from old to new

  Go to new blog  with old address Then Go To
  Setting > Template > Edit HTML
  And then paste the script just below <head>

var oldURL = &quot;OLD address&quot;;
var newURL = &quot;NEW address&quot;;
var url = location.href;
var newURL = url.replace(document.domain,newURL);
window.location = newURL

5) Putting your Blog address in codes

Replace OLD address with old one and NEW address with new one.
now click save .

Inserting Script in HTML of "New Blog with Old address"


 From Now , If any user is visiting your blog with old address then  will be  redirected
 to new one .
 Each and every link will be redirected .

For an example -

My old blog address was

and new one is

So, If someone tries to open a link like -

Then that user will be redirected to

I use redirecting method on this blog bcoz I moved to a new blogger address.
So , Click on above links and have a try.

If  I am wrong anywhere then Comment below.
What do you think about this method ??

If there Is any other way too ?? Then

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