The Reasons Why People Blog ?

Why do People Blog

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Most of the bloggers engage in blogging due to the availability of  boundless opportunities of earning money through the online market. You can choose any topic and write articles on them. The freedom to write about almost anything is what encourages the bloggers to write more and more unique & interesting posts. It's great for earning passive income and you can make a killing out of it by spending only a few hours a week. So most of the bloggers are in the blogging field for the gold.

But then, there are some writers who do blogging only because writing is their passion. Monetary benefits of blogging are great but those benefits only act as a small bonus to them.
 The sense of accomplishment that they achieve after writing a good  article gives them a strong dose of happiness. 
They are in for the thrill of literature. They are in for the immense pleasure that they get after helping out millions of souls by writing inspirational posts. These type of passionate writers are my favourite type of bloggers.

Many bloggers have a habit of blogging. They are so much addicted to blogging that they do blogging to quench their thirst. It's almost like a subconscious action to them.


Some people do blogging to write their hearts out. Blog is a paradise for them because writing out their stories and sharing their happiness/sadness or pain/pleasure to millions of curious readers significantly improves their mood.

And then there are some knowledge sharing monks on the internet whose only sole purpose of blogging is to share the knowledge to the world to make it a better place. They focus on the change they want to see in the universe and work day and night to solve problems and to  answer queries of confused or curious people. All they want to achieve through blogging is a better world full of intelligent souls. These nerdy monks get into a higher level of consciousness after they feel that they have spent the day rescuing lost & confused souls.

Whatever the purposes of blogging maybe, every blogger is into blogging because of the power that they achieve through it. The power to  influence people through their words, the power to implant ideas into people's minds & the power to change the world.

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