is a big Scam! | Advertiseworld Review | Avoid using this Ad Network

When I was new to Uber Cpm then I got an email from them saying that "Your Website is qualified for Premium Ads" and "Sign up for to get $1 eCPM."

I did the same, I signed up there ant started getting good eCPM. I was happy that my traffic is converting into Dollars $$ ,

I earned $$ and till Dec 2016 last it became ~ $40 and Payment threshold was $25. I was eagerly waiting for  my payment. Now I mailed them regarding payment.

I got email that  they will start payment in 2nd week of January 2017. I was now 18th January and I mailed them again.

What I got reply from them Shocked me !!!! They said "Your Account is banned because of  21.5% bot Traffic ". I was shocked and started searching about them and I got few threads on Digital Forum regarding and few people were saying that " is a SCAM " and then I understood that I was being thugged by these Scammers.

They do never pay to anyone they just promise that they will pay but actually they provide you an Excuse regarding your Account ban and No Payment.

Even they gave me excuse that my website's content was against policy. But Why don't they review every website for the policy ?

Finally, I would recommend you not to use their services. is total fake. is a big big SCAM and I guess this is by UBER CPM because they recommended me that premium network.

More Proof : is a SCAM proof  and is a SCAM proof 2