Hello Everyone,
I am about to tell you How to set up a custom domain on your blogger blog in easiest way!  That means you will be moving from ""  to  "yourblog.tld" in easy way.
Follow this post step by step!

Having your own custom domain sounds really good and cool. Having a custom domain means you are going to look professional and genuine. It shows that you take blogging seriously. It'll be easy for people to remember your blog address. It'll make your brand powerful and convincing.

Before you do this, you need to register a custom domain. You can use any registrar but I do prefer BigRock. It's simple and easy to register and use.

Now, After registering the domain successfully, follow the below simple steps to get your custom domain working.

Go to Blogger > Blog > Settings > Basic and click on "Add A Custom Domain" link under the blogspot domain address.

Enter Your Registered domain including "www" and click Save. You'll see an error right there saying some Error occurred and it'll contain some useful information.


Look on the screenshot below. It's highlighting some important information .
These details are required to be submitted in Bigrock DNS panel.
The given information is unique for each blogger blog so, use your's not from the screenshot.

Now, Go to  Big Rock Domain Management Panel and click on the purchased domain.

Now Scroll Down and select DNS Settigns:

Find CNAME and Click in that tab > Add CNAME > Enter the CNAME details which we got on error screen as shown in screenshots.
Save those two CNAMEs.

Click on A Records tab if you want to redirect "non-www" to "www" domain.

Now Add A Records with host as "@" and values as the given IPs:

Save it and then do the same thing three more times, adding these IP addresses:

Now, Go to Blogger Settings and Click Save again. If you still get Error then wait for sometime maybe 24 hours for DNS propagation  and it's done now. Your Custom domain is now attached to the blogspot domain.

To redirect "non-www" to "www" click on redirect option as shown below.
Click on Save.

Now your Custom Domain is fully configured .
Enjoy your new URL!
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Q: Will this mess up my SEO? How will people find my blog if I change the URL?
A: Blogger automatically redirects your old address to the new URL. They use what is called a 301 redirect, which means that the search engines are made aware that your site has a new URL. Traffic will continue to flow and you won’t lose any rankings.
Q: My new URL only works with/without the “www”
A: Go back into your Settings page, click Edit beside your new domain name, and check the box that asks if you want to redirect the naked domain to www.